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Meet our founder

Hi! I am Drina and have been a resident of this bubbling and vibrant city of Dubai for the last 20 years. I have watched it grow and I have grown with it. Having spent the first 18 years of my life in Qatar, I know this market inside and out; my work however is not limited regionally and have travelled around the GCC capturing food one frame at a time. It is my passion, and it is that job "I would like to do when I grow up" 

My unquenchable thirst for challenging boundaries, trying unconventional techniques has helped me manicure my craft. As such, I have collected accolades and seals of international recognition throughout my career. I am passionate about food, understand each ingredient and greatly respect the process from the kitchen all the way to my set.

”I make sure there is a symphony in my compositions

I make sure there is movement and life in every shot. My magic wand however is my expertise in lighting, and it is what helps me bring out the sixth sense in my images.

My cameras have seen it all, from Michelin awarded restaurants like Milos, Dinner By Heston and Ossiano at the Royal Atlantis to Emirates Airlines, Saudia Airlines to a range of advertising work with clients such as Oreos, Pizza Hut, Goody, Baskin Robins, Carrefour and Burger King to name a few. Adapting to the various styles and parameters is my game.

The long-term relationships with people I meet along the way, chefs, clients, stylists and assistants is what makes this a joy ride. Sprinkled with laughs and good music, each project is built on a commitment to excellence and attention to detail to bring out nothing but the best in every shot.

Drina, professional food photographer
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