Eclairs_Oct 20 2014 18

The Real Eclair

October 20, 2014

I am not one to be bought by a free meal, or a cooking demo or other such marketing temptations; most times I politely refuse, and at rare occasions, I decide to go poke my curious…

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duck and clementine_Oct 10 2014 3_watermark

My Darling Clementine | Roast Duck and Clementine Salad

October 9, 2014

Every time I visited the supermarket this last month, there they were; screaming and calling out to me. Beautiful orange globules of silk-skinned clementines tethered to their green stems- a sign of divine freshness. When I…

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Pink guavas_1_watermark

Pink Guavas

September 25, 2014

20 odd years ago when my family used to make our yearly trips back to Goa, we as kids fussed and cried for days during the months of July & August. “It’s raining! There is…

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Portuguese Sardines_1_watermark

Char Grilled Sardines with the simplest Salsa ever

September 24, 2014

Ever since I made a conscious decision to move towards healthy eating, fish has been a staple in most our meals. Sardines are one of those fish that have an intense flavour packed along with robust nutritional…

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Attica_Sep 21 2014 8


September 24, 2014

We pulled up to Ben Shewry’s Attica, a mere 10 minutes behind schedule tucked in the lovely suburb of Glen Eira. Listed at #21 in the 2013 top 50 restaurants of the world, we expected…

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Melbourne_Oct 01 2014 4_ez

Melbourne: The Rebel child

September 24, 2014

Next Stop- Melbourne I wanted Australia to be more of a surprise to me, so the only thing I researched about it in general was Attica in Melbourne as it came highly recommended by Sarah. My…

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