Africa- A Gem!

Its funny how when I sit to write up a blog post I imagine a girlie narrator voice… you know like in the movies, with sighs, high-pitched expressions and vivid visuals of each word I type. But this isn’t a movie obviously, in fact these blog posts are the result of little voices in my head splurging out my kitchen escapades. The voices in this post however, are blurting out irreplaceable memories of one of the most exciting trip I had.

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♥♥Recipe Loving ♥♥ and a Giveaway!

We all have a good bag of favorites and over 2 dozen bookmarked recipes that we like to go back to every now and then; either to feed our eyes with or our tummies. My food craze has sent me to having over 60-70 bookmarked recipes that I often just end up looking at to muster some motivation.

Over the past year, I have had the opportunity to mingle, get to know and really be influenced by incredible people, chefs and friends. I have chosen a handful of my favorites at the moment created by some talented women.These ladies know their food, they understand the complexities of taste and are more than knowledgable when it comes to pairing different flavors together and they were kind enough to let me re-share these with you.

In no specific order;

Firstly, there is this delicious wreath; no not a decoration piece (although its well worth displaying this for its sheer visual appeal); but its a Garlic, herb and parmesan wreath by a dear friend and blogger Ms Sally Prosser, blog: My Custard Pie. The reason this is on my list is because I have been dying to bake bread for the longest time and it has been on my list of resolutions for this year. Christmas is only 2-3 months away (funny how quickly this year has vanished) so enough reason to practice this recipe before the year fizzles away.

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The Lankan Bug; Go on winners spread your Merriness

If this cookbook is sitting in your kitchen I can assure you will be thinking, cooking and eating Lankan for a long long time. Thats the kind of spell it had put me under honestly. I went through my prized possession which I thankfully bought 2 of, eyeballed every single page, the photographs, the inspirational cuisine, the interesting spurts of writing scattered evenly; and I was injected with the Lankan bug. I cooked and dreamt of Lankan food for a whole 2 weeks. Not necessarily any specific recipes, but I had a natural reflex to reach for the freshly grated coconut while stirring any of my brewing gravy’s; I constantly tried to manipulate fruits to stand in my dish as veggies and everything had a spiced craze to it. Continue reading

Lanka Lovin

Glistening blue spread of ocean, soft moist sand hugging your feet with every step, crashing sounds of waves, swaying trees with soft winds caressing your face; thats the escape we were dreaming about after a hectic few weeks in Dubai where temperatures were climbing a boiling 50°C. We packed up our bags and hustled for a pair of last minute tickets just a week and a half before our escape to the little teardrop shaped island; Sri Lanka. Continue reading

Looking back over the year; Happy B’day EZ!

With the blink of an eye, a few pinches of this, a few handfuls of that and a few sprinkles of love with a garnish of passion, this year has just gone past right under my nose. I was hoping to dish out a good 100 posts in the least considering we’re talking about a whole year!!! Out of 365 I should have been able to showcase a few more; but I am going to be self-satisfied and give myself a pat on the back and be proud that I accomplished putting out 50 posts (slightly over) despite a busy regime, a full time work schedule, bikram yoga, salsa dancing and dog walks. But yeah, its a handsome number don’t you think?

So over this year as I look back some of these posts really brought back some tender memories… some of them almost bringing a tear to my eye, only to see how much passion I have put towards EZ. I don’t mean to brag but I am quite amused by what I feel for Eaternal Zest. I initially started this as a hobby, a diary of sorts to document recipes, interesting finds and jot down a few playful memories. but this is now my baby; I can’t let go, and I won’t give up on this, EZ has evolved into much much more. Continue reading